| 23 septiembre 2008 | |
So come and get me
Let me
Get in that sinking feeling
That says my heart is on an all time low - So
Don't expect me
To behave perfectly
And wear that sunny smile
My guess is I'm in for a cloudy and overcast
Don't try and stop me
Because I'm heading for that stormy weather soon

4 Opiniones:

Mish Says:
jue. sep. 25, 11:00:00 p.m.

Me gustó lo de "And wear that sunny smile"

Que canción es?


Taker Says:
vie. sep. 26, 04:12:00 p.m.

Mmmmm... ¿Queen verdad?


Taker Says:
vie. sep. 26, 04:13:00 p.m.

bueno, eso dice google XD

ѕeяcн Says:
vie. oct. 03, 12:28:00 a.m.

My melancholi Blues, Mish


Sip, Taker!

Jajaja, eso me imaginé...
bendito google

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