Ocio: Itunes words meme

| 03 abril 2013 | 4 Opiniones |
Type these words into the search bar on your iTunes and list the first song that appears in the results.

happy: 'Happy' - The Rolling Stones
love: 'Alien Love Secrets' - Steve Vai
hate: 'Pretty Hate Machine' - Nine Inch Nails
light: 'Back To The Light, - Brian May
dark: 'Dark Light' - H.I.M.
good: 'As Soon As Good Times Roll' - Scorpions
bad: 'Bad' - U2
smile: 'Smile' - David Gilmour
cry: 'Cry Baby' - Janis Joplin
girl: 'Girl' - The Beatles
boy: 'Bad Boy Boogie' - AC/DC
sad: 'Feeling Sad Tonight' - Carole King
lost: 'Lost' - Nevermore
night: 'Creatures Of The Night' - Kiss
day: 'Another Perfect Day' - Motörhead
wolf: 'Bitten By The Wolf' - Chickenfoot
dance: 'Dance' - Motörhead
time: 'Time' - Pink Floyd
life: 'Amy's Starless Life' - Murray Gold
death: 'Death' - Judas Priest