Tiempo libre...

| 09 febrero 2010 | 4 Opiniones |
Post sin sentido, relleno 100%, nomas por no dejar.

Bueno, se trata de un jueguito que 'se debe' hacer en Facebook, la cosa es así:

Go to urbandictionary.com, type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the first entry for your name under comments.

Y el resultado fue:
Sergio is the word for a tall, handsome guy who cares about his friends and family. He is usually working out and eating healthy. Everything around a Sergio is great. Sergios are good people to trust on.
A: Look at that Sergio!
B: yeah! I wish he would talk to me, he is the BEST!

Jaja.. bueno, a mi me dió risa... ¡porque es cierto!